Rice are full of arsenic. Can Cause Cancer

Rice are full of arsenic. Can Cause Cancer - By: Arif Kisana

STOCKHOLM: The Swedish National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) caused a stir in the Nordic country on Tuesday when it confirmed that a number of popular rice products contain arsenic and told parents not to let children aged under six eat rice cakes. So Swedish authorities warned parents on Tuesday not to feed their children rice cakes after high levels of arsenic were detected in the popular snack. "Many children eat rice cakes as a snack, but unfortunately we must advise against this. Other countries are also giving this advice," Emma Halldin Ankarberg, toxicologist at the Swedish National Food Agency, said in a statement on Tuesday.

The agency explained that arsenic in rice had been on its radar since a study in 2011-2012 found that if a child drinks rice drinks every day for several years they risk ingesting dangerous amounts of the poisonous chemical. UK food agency FDA is also among those advising children not to consume rice drinks. And Germany's Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) recommends eating rice cakes "in moderation". Researchers examined 102 different rice products on the Swedish market and found that rice cakes – a snack many parents regularly give their children – contained the highest levels of the chemical, which is dangerous in larger amounts. All in all, consumption of the cereal grain has been growing in Sweden in the past decades, with Swedes today eating four times more rice than in the 1960s.

"We understand that it can be difficult for those who have food traditions based heavily on rice, for example people from many Asian countries, but our advice is still to gradually try and eat less rice," said Halldin Ankarberg. She also advised adults to limit their consumption of rice to a few times a week. "The conclusion is that it is good to have a varied diet, as well as to eat different brands. By doing this we decrease the risk of ingesting too much of harmful substances. This applies to all food, not just rice and rice products," she said.

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1 Oct 2015

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