Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan commented about my book for kids

I am so much obliged by the world famous scientist and renowned columnist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan who commented in his Column in Daily The News on May 1, 2017
 about my book for kids in these words. 

The first one is, ‘Book based on Islamic information containing short stories for guidance for children’. It has been written by Dr Arif Mahmood Kisana who has been living in Stockholm, Sweden, for many years and works at the Karolinska Hospital. I visited Sweden in 1964 with a student delegation accompanied by two professors. We visited many educational institutions and industrial units. We found Sweden to be very beautiful and clean.

This book is a treasure of knowledge on Islamic topics and has been written in simple Urdu. It has been translated into Swedish by Muniza Tariq, wife of Pakistan’s Ambassador to Sweden and Finland, Tariq Zameer. It has been published by the National Book Foundation and contains a review by Dr Inamul Haq Javaid who is the managing director of the foundation. Currently, it has been translated into English, Hindi and Norwegian. It will also be translated into Bengali, Chinese, Russian, German and Italian in the near future.

It is a useful book for children, particularly those of the expatriates as it contains useful information for them on Islamic topics. While buying it for their children, it would do no harm for parents to read it as well as it will refresh their memories. May Almighty Allah shower His blessings on Dr Kisana and his family for this highly commendable work.



4 May 2017

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