Big Bang - Creation of Universe and Holy Quran

Special Session of Darse Quran

When: SUNDAY 20 /9   at 4:00 PM Sharp
Topic: Big Bang - Creation of Universe and Holy Quran
Place:  Bredäng

This will be very special session, so please don't miss it.
 Here is Agenda, will start 4:00 Sharp

1:    16:05 to 16:30 
     Mumtaz Khan of Quran & Science Thinkers Forum Canada
     will talk about the said Subject through SKYPE 
     He will cover these points in his lecture about
     What is Quran & Science?  Why Quran and Science?
     The Wonders of Integration of Knowledge of Quran with the
       Knowledge of Science;

The Word of God is beautifully explained
      by  the Work of God. 

      An eye opening discovery for the scholars and
      leadership of Islam who kept understanding
      of the holy Quran deprived of from 1800AD onward wisdom. 

Source of Inspiration of Quran & Science 
Thinking Approaches  
How to enjoy 100% Authenticity 
Power of Knowledge, Sharing of Knowledge.

2: 16:30 to 16:50
    Dr Mohsin Saleemi  
    Royal Institute of Technology & Stockholm University
    Big Bang Theory & Creation of Universe

3: 16:50 to 17:30 
    Arif Kisana   
    Holy Quran about the Creation of Universe

4: 17:30 to 18:00 
     Round Table discussions

5: 18:00

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16 Sep 2015

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